Personal Planning for Success

Who would benefit?

Executives looking to succeed. Someone recently promoted. Career minded individuals. Professionals like dentists, opticians, pharmacists, and anyone who relies on personal talent to earn a living.

For most professionals their training is about the rudiments of their chosen profession. However, professional careers are set in the backdrop of businesses or organisations. Here success is more than “being able to your job”. It is about the impact you make with people, how influential you can be, how quickly you learn, and your ability to adapt and flourish in this environment – to state but a few determinants of successful careers. 

cBPE’s “Planning for personal success” course massively increases your chance of getting the best out of your abilities in your chosen career.

More than that it gets you think about what it will take to make a success of yourself. And even before that, what does “success” mean to you?

All told you will acquire new skills and a whole lot more tools to make every day at work and beyond be more effective for you.

“It’s made a huge difference to how I get on at work now. I only wish I’d have had this knowhow seven years ago, it would have made me much more successful in my last job….

… plain & simple, this is good investment in myself.”

Walter Gregg

This extended coaching involvement is spread over six months and initially covers:-

  • Understanding people’s behaviour at work
  • Your Personal DiSC Profile – what motivates you, what happens when you are stretched, how someone can press ‘your button’ and influence you extraordinarily
  • Why you may be getting into conflict situations, and how you can resolve conflicts and/or be a better team player/leader
  • How you can “sell” to other people, what you can do to “influence” your boss, or other people who may be a factor in your success
  • Personal growth and happiness
  • Listening and communication skills
  • Leadership
  • Enterprise and entrepreneurship
  • Planning master class
  • Creating a planning template that crosses the t’s and dots the i’s – including
  • Financial modeling
  • Personal net worth
  • Testing “what if” decisions for the turning points of your life
  • One-to-one coaching – your one to one coaching conversations with an experienced coach are about taking you to your best Completely confidential, the coaching method is a highly structured process of enquiry and construction. Some of the best performing and top people in the world take benefit from a personal coach. Within this course, the service of a qualified and experienced coach is included as part of the overall package (making it much lower cost)

How to win in the long term

In five and ten years’ time:

  • What would you like to be doing?
  • Where would you like to be? and
  • How are you going there?

Whilst on the face of it, some people will find these questions easy to answer – deeper examination always raises many more questions than answers. Some simply don’t ask the questions on account of ‘fear’ of the answers they may get.  For others who are more focused on where they want to get to, it becomes about the strategy for success – and answering questions like ‘what am I prepared to do to get what I want?’

Sooner or later, somewhere down the line, you’ll need to up skill, get more knowledge, and fundamentally make the best of your given talents.

cBPE’s Personal Success program, will motivate you and give you access to the kind of tools you will need to build a breakthrough momentum for growth.

Module Dates Winter 2017/Spring 2018
1 Weds 15th November 2017
2 Weds 13th December 2017
3 Weds 10th January 2018
4 Weds 7th February 2018
5 Weds 7th March 2018
6 Weds 4th April 2018

For all workshops, full hospitality is provided. This includes as applicable beverages, lunch, afternoon tea, etc.

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