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cBPE have a track record of delivering growth for our clients – adding £millions of value to principals and associate dentists. Make the thousands of hours spent by us with dental business and people count for you and give your business a competitive advantage.

cBPE Client

"The changes came into effect within 6 months. Remarkably by then, every one of our performers was billing an average of 20% more every hour, every day, in every one of the 12 surgeries."

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These are changing times in dentistry. This means sleepless nights for some, but here at cBPE we see the changes as a time of opportunity. cBPE has an enviable track record in adding value to dental practices. Not only this, we help dentists manage their practices with greater ease. Making it more enjoyable and less stressful.

Once again, like our clients, you will enjoy coming to work!

Challenging times in dentistry requires a fresh and innovative approach.

cBPE’s track record with dentists – adding £millions to practice values, dramatically improving associate take home income and allowing principals to once again enjoy ownership and dentistry – tells you this is one event you should attend.

cBPE work with dentists to help grow their business and often,  frankly speaking, help their businesses run better. In doing this we will have had to overcome all variety of headaches and resistance to growth. In the past, this would have taken all of the Principal’s energy.

You will find that cBPE is one of the industry’s best kept secrets. Those that have taken the trouble to acquaint themselves to our work have come away impressed.

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