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cBPE have a track record of delivering growth for our clients – adding £millions of value to principals and associate dentists. Make the thousands of hours spent by us with dental business and people count for you and give your business a competitive advantage.

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"The changes came into effect within 6 months. Remarkably by then, every one of our performers was billing an average of 20% more every hour, every day, in every one of the 12 surgeries."

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cBPE workshops are intensive but friendly. Designed to progress ability, knowledge and to inspire creative solutions. In short a great place to think. To get away from the day to day working in your business – so you can work on your business.

Locations are throughout the country and by arrangement, events can also be located where you are. However, the best value events are at our headquarters in Peterborough where hosting costs can be subsidised.

Business Planning Master Class for Dentists 2017

 (or, Seven Big Things Dentists can do to Have a Better Business)

The dental business environment is changing. Rapidly so. Changes such as more competition, increasing supply of dentists, NHS funding crisis, more patient mobility have been in the pipeline for a little while. The new NHS contracts and the belief of potential new entrants like supermarkets and High Street players that dentistry is a viable market will cause an avalanche of more changes and a permanent restructuring of the industry.

In short what it will take to survive and thrive within dentistry will be redefined. Very likely, the defining skill that dentists will need to thrive will be “business skills” – being a good dentists won’t differentiate your practice enough to give it the competitive edge it needs to get ahead of others. More details

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