Business Planning Master Class for Dentists 2015

Next five years could see many business reduce in value but some will surely winThe dental business environment is changing. Rapidly so. Changes such as more competition, increasing supply of dentists, NHS funding crisis, more patient mobility have been in the pipeline for a little while. The new NHS contracts and the belief of potential new entrants like supermarkets and High Street players that dentistry is a viable market will cause an avalanche of more changes and a permanent restructuring of the industry.

In short what it will take to survive and thrive within dentistry will be redefined. Very likely, the defining skill that dentists will need to thrive will be “business skills” – being a good dentists won’t differentiate your practice enough to give it the competitive edge it needs to get ahead of others.

Make the Most of Your Dental Business

With such drastic changes due, new winners will surely emerge and there will be lots for whom things will not be as good. This workshop is an opportunity for you take matters into your own hands. Plan to succeed, plan to make most of what is to come, plan be one of the winners.


Even without the expected new NHS contracts, a new age in the business of dentistry is upon us. The pace of change will accelerate in the run up to the introduction of new contracts. Earlier, the OFT let the cat out of the bag in announcing more competition is needed in the industry and at the same time dangled the carrot of £7 billion plus market to new, non dental entrants. Rockier waters loom for sure, but for adaptive businesses that plan their way ahead – these are times of opportunity.

Getting ahead of the crowd

Business planning is not something that dentists do all that much. Arguably, it hasn’t been needed so far. Dentistry has been a straightforward business – about being a good dentist. Not so now. Like the lawyers, pharmacists and opticians whose sectors undertook similar journeys, dentists are rapidly finding that it is not their professional skills that differentiates competitive advantage but their business and management skills and the ability to attract patients. At a large lawyers commented… “doing the work is easy, the challenge is business development [sales]”.

Master Planning Workshop for Dentists

This cBPE workshop is your opportunity to:

  • give your business the edge over the competition
  • learn about and assess what will be impacting your future
  • plan to succeed
  • assess what you need to put in place now to make the most of new NHS contracts to come and the business environment about to  develop
  • create new solutions that will give you the edge in the near future
  • Compare (benchmark) your businesses performance and development compared to others
  • find a new understanding, motivation and flair for business

Who is it for

  • Owner dentists and multi-practice principals who acknowledge that the dentists’ business environment is changing and who are looking to prosper by applying top draw business thinking.
  • Individual dentists who are thinking about buying into a Practice.
  • Dentists who have had the thought that it may be time to move and want to maximise their business value.
  • Finally, but not least, dentists and their (life) partners,  who want to have a good weekend away, but get some “thinking done”.

Life Partners of dentists may participate all day, if they have sufficient input into the business.  For non participating (life) partners, there will be shopping, spa and lifestyle distractions.

What is covered?

  • The impact to NHS and private  dentistry of the changing business environment.
  • What are the business implications of the new NHS contract, what may it look like and how will it impact practice viability.
  • What are the things dental practices (principals and their teams) need to be very good at to have the bStrategic planning for dentistsest chance of success in the next few years
  • Will business values go up or down?
  • What you can do now to have the best chance of being one of the winners.
  • Your vision, your risk profile and how you want to redefine it.
  • Financial leverage – profit and loss levers – available to dentists. Where to focus to increase profitability.
  • A cross sectional examination of your business and how adaptable it is to make the most of 2015 – 2016.
  • Growth opportunities and “the business model” for  dentists
  • How to encourage your team in making the most of the new opportunities
  • you, your strengths and your behaviour profile Your business VisionBuilding blocks of successful business
  • how to get the most out of people you work with (now that your understand yourself and their behaviour at work better).

At the end of the course you should have

  •  your vision better defined, only now assessed relative to your risk profile
  • strong ideas of the business impact of the NHS contract on your business
  • an idea of the new opportunities in dentistry
  • a first attempt at your strategic business plan that will allow you to make the most of the next few years.
  • lower and upper limit ideas of what your business may be worth
  • a better insight into what are your strengths. Your DISC behaviour profile and what it tells you about your behaviour at work, and
  • how you can begin to apply this to improve your management of people

What is the format?

  • This workshop encourages participation, but there is also a transfer of knowledge and learning
  • Friday is a 10:30am start to allow travel time. Finish around 6pm, and Saturday finish is around 5pm.
  • There is opportunity to network and exchange ideas with other delegates.
  • You will have to do about 2 hours preparatory work, and web based questionnaire filling in.

Whilst it is classroom style, it is participative, but there is no need to be a screaming extrovert!

Program dates

Option 1

Friday & Saturday 16/17 January 2015 – Book Now

Option 2

Friday & Saturday 20/21 February 2015- Book Now



  • 09:45 to 10:30 Arrivals & Check In
  • 10:30  to 18:00 Workshop time including Lunch
  • 18:30 to 19:30 Drinks
  • 19:30   Dinner


  • 08:00 to 09:30 Breakfast
  • 09:30  to 17:00 Workshop time including Lunch
  • 17:00 to 18:30 Personalised Reviews and Departures
  • 19:30   (optional) Dinner

What is included and what is not

  • Accommodation for up to two people in a “superior” double room  on Friday and if needed on Saturday.
  • Dinner and Drinks on Friday. Breakfast on Saturday &Sunday.
  • All delegate refreshments. Internet by wifi.
  • DiSC behaviour profile report of delegate.
  • Life partner’s profile can also be done at the reduced cost of £38.50. DiSC behaviour profiling will be covered at around 12:00 to 13:00, when life partners may sit in, the timing allows non-participating partners to get away for their Spa and shopping experiences.
  • Beauty and Spa as available up to a listed cost of £75. See for details of treatments available and cost. As a guide a full body massage is around £38.


  • £1662.00.
  • Deposit: 20% required at booking. Cleared payment 14 days prior to course starting. Book Now

Optional Extras

  • Thursday night accommodations is available at a discounted rate of £55 including breakfast
  • Saturday night accommodation is available free of charge

All prices exclude VAT – chargeable at prevailing rate at time of booking.

Cancellation Terms: If cancelled within 28 days of start date: 20% of course fees payable. Within 28 days but more than 14 days 50% payable. Within 14 days: 100% payable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be any other dentists from my area? We know that one of our workshops gives the dentist real competitive advantage, so unless specifically requested by all nearby parties, we avoid mixing dentists from the same area.

Do you do other workshops? Yes.  Please enquire – also see website Bespoke events are run frequently and ofter there is “room for one more”.

I am interested, but cannot travel. Can you come to us? Yes, however, we have extensive facilities, here. Also we would like you to get away from it yourself – it really helps.

Why are you including life partners? For one thing, you’ll both have a pleasant weekend. Also, The work on behaviour profiling is very useful for both.

Can I make suggestions for the workshop? Yes, this is a new format, and we will like the idea of continuous improvement.

What is your connection with Queensgate Hotel?
Although independent, cBPe and the Hotel have the same parent company.

Lead Facilitator

Hitesh Kanabar BSc., BSc., MBA., DipDM., FRSA is an entrepreneur and business owner whose passion is the kind of coaching that delivers business growth – in cBPE speak this is business pragmatic coachingTM. He has a string of formal qualifications that includes blue chip business education from one of the world’s top business schools, a bachelors in theoretical physiscs and another in psychology. Hitesh is also trained coach from Adler Institute in Canada. When it comes coaching and business expertise, his real education according to him, is from the school of “hard knocks” – managing small business during difficult times. Getting somewhere whilst resources are scarce, takes business skills, strategic knowhow and a whole lot of belief.

Hitesh has demonstrated track record of success in business that includes small and medium sized businesses and currently operates businesses with a multi-million pound asset base. This alone sets him apart from many “coaches”. Pertinent to today’s times, Hitesh has experience of managing business in deep recessionary times. Add to that the successful coaching experience of advising small to larger, more resourceful clients, and you can see that his confidence in adding value to most businesses is well founded.

In business and coaching situations, Hitesh is skilled at developing new strategies and choices for the client. His corporate expedience is in healthcare – something valued by dentists and G.P.s he works with. He is highly experienced in direct marketing and data base marketing. He is Principal Coach at the Centre for Business & Personal Excellence. [Written by fellow coach.]