Events & Seminars

Challenging times in dentistry require fresh and innovative approach

These are changing times in UK dentistry. This means sleepless nights for some. However, here at cBPE we see the changes as a time of opportunity.

cBPE’s track record with dentists – adding £millions to practice values, dramatically improving associate take home income and allowing principals to once again enjoy ownership and dentistry – tells you this is one event you should attend.

Do not pass up this opportunity to:

  • Get your business to prosper,
  • discover 7 big things you should be doing
  • hear from people who have a track record of implemeting change and adding £millions to dental practices, and
  • get 2.5 hours verified CPD

More than that we are also

  • Offering the seminar completely free of charge
  • Holding it at a venue near you

We guarantee this: if you do not come away from these seminars with ideas that will add at least £10,000 to your bottom line – we’ll eat humble pie and publish your feedback on our website for all to see! cBPE work with dentists to help grow their business and often,  frankly speaking, help their businesses run better. In doing this we will have had to overcome all variety of headaches and resistance to growth. In the past, this would have taken all of the Principal’s energy.

cBPE is delighted to present this seminar where we will show you 7 big ideas you can implement in your practice to grow your business.  You will:

  • See how business strategies and tools can help transform the performance of your dental practice and your team
  • Hear how innovations from the business world can be applied to dentistry
  • Come away feeling more motivated and invigorated to lead your dental practice
  • Learn how to do more dentistry and less practice management
  • Understand how to deal with people and things that are suffocating and stifling your business

cBPE has added millions of pounds of value to dental businesses – creating wealth for Principals and Associates alike. At the same time cBPE has energised teams to deliver more, performers to work at higher level, increase patient bases and relaxed Principals too! The ability to come up with innovative solutions to today’s challenges in dentistry has given cBPE clients a competitive advantage among dental businesses.

Contact cBPE on 01733 56 55 54 for dates and bookings.