A simple marketing idea for Dentists

Your message has to be compelling and attention grabbing

“You have to tell people what is good about your practice if you want them to try you out”

Peter Thompson

Successful businesses are successful because they’ve put a lot of effort into their marketing. Dentists are no different. A good marketing message can help you to build your practice.

In this article we will talk about what message you want to get across, how to define it, how to get it across in different media, in face to face discussions or in letters and e-mails.

As an example think of a Dental Practice called XMT Ltd. It‘s a valid company name but it gives no idea that they are dentists. Change it to XMT Dentists, now the name says what they do, it gives a message. But what if the name became XMT Dentists, Enhancing your Smile. Now the name has become a marketing message, everyone is going to want to know how they can improve their smile. As soon as they see your company name, it generates interest, and people will want to know more, they will become engaged.

Coca Cola does not need to have this message in their name because they have spend many millions of £s to get it well known.

For your practice, unless you tell people what you’re good at they will never think to try you out. Adding a marketing message to your name can help to get your good points across. This message should be something that differentiates you from other dentists in your area, so that everyone knows that they you are not just an ordinary dentist who fills people’s teeth for a living.

How about your practice?  Why not try the exercise below.

Exercise:  What is special about your practice offering that makes you different to other dental practices? What is different about you?  Think of three ways that you stand out from the crowd:










These ideas can feature prominently in your advertising/ signage/ on your web site. This can then be further expanded to give more details. Also, when you’re trying to tell people about your dental practice and what you do well, you only have about 20 or 30 seconds to grab and keep their attention. Once you’ve got them interested, they will ask more, they will look at your web site, they may even phone you to ask!

What could a dentist say that would be attention grabbing?

  • Something about giving you the perfect smile?
  • Inviting people to your special children’s session on Wednesday afternoons?
  • Don’t be embarrassed to open your mouth when you come to us.
  • Our clients love coming to see us, we can’t keep them away!

The key point is that the message has to get people’s attention. You may have several different messages like these, which can be used on posters in your reception area, on your website, on leaflets that people can take away from the practice, etc.

The most important message you have is the one which talks about how your practice is different, the one that will make everyone want to know more about what you are offering.

In this way people will see your message and want to see what you could do for them.

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