Discover 7 Big Things to Make Running Your Dental Practice more enjoyable

“When I first started, I enjoyed doing dentistry. Now I just have no time for anything, so much to do, so busy. So much has changed.

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These are changing times in dentistry. This means sleepless nights for some, but here at cBPE we see the changes as a time of opportunity. cBPE has an enviable track record in adding value to dental practices, both private and NHS. Not only this, we help dentists manage their practices with greater ease. Making it more enjoyable and less stressful.
Once again, like our clients, you will enjoy coming to work!

Challenging times in dentistry requires a fresh and innovative approach.

cBPE work with dentists to help their businesses run better, to take away the headaches of trying to run a business at the same time as doing dentistry, to take away the time pressures that always seem to be there. In doing this we will have had to overcome all variety of headaches and resistance within the practice team. In the past, this would have taken all of the Principal’s energy.

A cBPE client commented recently:

I am more relaxed, sleep at night, and more energised. The staff actually seem to be pointing in the right direction. And what foxes me is that its only been a couple of months!

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cBPE’s track record with dentists – allowing principals to once again enjoy ownership and dentistry while at the same time adding £millions to practice values, and dramatically improving associate take home income – tells you that we make a difference for our clients.

You will find that cBPE is one of the industry’s best kept secrets. Those that
have taken the trouble to acquaint themselves with our work have come away impressed.

Following on from our recent success we would like to share some of our ideas with you:

• Offer you some trade secrets.

• Share with you seven big things and a host of little things that will deliver success for your dental practice.

• Tell you how £millions of value has been added to our client practices.

Click here to attend one of our regular “7 Big Things” seminars.

In this one day content packed seminar, we cover ways to give you more time when you are very busy, ways to escape the constant time pressures of dentistry coupled with all the changes the new contracts are bringing.We cover:

  • Ways for you to feel more motivated and invigorated to lead your dental practice.
  • How you can do more dentistry and less practice management.
  • How to bring in more patients, both private and NHS.
  • Ways we can help you to deal with people and things that are suffocating and stifling your practice.

One of our clients recently commented that it now feels great to be in control:

“Since working with cBPE, I now have the choice to do dentistry, administration or management”

To get our “7 Big Things for Dentists” booklet and arrange to talk to one of our experts to see how we can best help you, Click here.