Disc Profiling – Why do people drive you mad at work?

What’s the best way to get a positive out-come from any difficult situation, whether that be a sales call, a contract negotiation or just an everyday problem? – provide lots of detail, be enthusiastic, take your time, tell people what to do, set up a working party, focus on known procedures or provide a number of alternative options?

Your response to the question is a reflection of your behavioural style. There is no right or wrong way but there is a smart way! – businesses are increasingly recognising the benefits of training their staff to identify different behaviours and using that information to improve communication, avoid conflicts and utilise the strengths of others to produce better winning solutions.

Most of the time, we are so used to behaving in a certain way, thinking that our way is the right, that it is a shock to most people to discover that  75% of your colleagues or friends will not react to a problem in the same way that you will. Once this is appreciated it starts to become clear why conflict, frustration, annoyance and even bewilderment are the frequent outcome of many business meetings.

But by using simple but highly effective behavioural tools such as DISC profiling, it is possible to understand the different behavioral styles and use the knowledge to improve communication skills and reduce conflict – benefiting personal and professional relationships alike.

Because there is no right or wrong answer, getting your staff to undertake a profile should not be seen as threatening or a cause for concern. It is NOT a test, you cannot pass or fail, it does NOT measure intelligence or values or even recognise gender.

The use of behavioural understanding is equally powerful in the home environment or in a social setting but it is most frequently used by businesses that recognise that people, and improved communication between staff, is a major foundation for success. It is frequently used as an aid to improve recruitment and as part of the annual appraisal process.

It can also be used to ensure project teams are well balanced, to make sure team members are allocated to the right role, to get everyone’s input and not just input from those with the loudest voices.

Owners/Principals, Practice Managers, Senior Staff and Customer Service staff can benefit greatly from understanding how to recognise, negotiate and handle different personality types.

During times of stress or conflict within a business, profiling helps people to fully appreciate other people’s perspective and to adapt their approach to help reach a compromise.

Ultimately knowing yourself and others gives you the power to decide how we want to behave and to adapt our behaviour for mutual benefit.


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