Dental Benchmarks – An Introduction


A tool with pedigree to help dentists, hygienists, practice principals and practice managers to plan their way to better performance = higher billings, less stress.

Benchmarking (measuring and comparing your performance and outcomes against targets and industry best) can be of massive strategic advantage for any dental practice owner. cBPE have created a dental benchmarking system that is the outcome of learnings from thousands of hours spent with dentists, nurses, practice managers and principals. It embodies our track record of
creating growth for dentists – we have generated £millions in added value for both associates and principals. Now this methodology and system is more widely available – to other practices and other associates.

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cBPE Understands the Dental World

At cBPE, our objective is to endow a strategic advantage to the businesses we work with.dentists and their teams need to work happy and strategically We don’t pretend to be “dentists” or know better. Most dentists we meet are already working hard and smart too! To get success we know we have to get the dental organisation to work strategically and for the people to work happy. We’ve therefore invested much time and effort in channelling our business and coaching knowhow (which we have lots of!) into things that make the practice more effective. More effective in the sense of achieving set objectives.

Our involvement with practices is “deep” in that we are part and parcel of the implementation, usually by working with the current management team. The organisation is permanently moved to higher level of capability. We know that this level of involvement is not always feasible. cBPE’s Dental BenchmarksTM helps make our methods and knowhow more available and approachable for clients with whom we do not have a “daily involvement” brief.

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It’s advantage, the dental team

cBPE’s Dental BenchmarksTM gives a fresh perspective that helps everyone involved plan and work more strategically. More often than not this reduces daily stress and strife, too!

In an easily accessed, web based interface:

  • Owners can see in an instant how the practice and the performers are getting on
  • Performers can see how they did ‘yesterday’ and how they are getting on in respect of targets
  • Managers are able to plan better to meet their targets and cover holidays
  • The whole team of performers, nurses and support staff plus managers are better focussed – the overall objectives are easily assimilated into manageable, routine work patterns. Above all it helps get the whole dental team pulling in the same direction. Simply put the team do more of the right things and less of the things that matter little to the business.

In more detail, Dental BenchmarksTM can:

  • Improve individual dentist and surgery performance and output
  • Help practice owners meet their strategic goals
  • Support the management of NHS contracts
  • Manage the creation of private (and independent) opportunities
  • Help managers manage (plan for targets, holidays and other absences etc)
  • Create opportunities for learning and growth within the practice and
  • Promote best practice and continuous improvement by benchmarking against the best performers everywhere in the country.

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Improving Billings

Dental BenchmarksTM has been successfully applied to a variety of situations with the impact of improved billings. This includes:

  • High NHS orientated practices, but failing to meet their UDA quota – looking to close the gapUDA target 2
  • Mix NHS and some independent work – looking for more UDA and more private
  • Mostly private practice – looking to improve patient value.
  • Maturing NHS output (easily able to deliver their UDA quota) – now looking to for growth through private work


Strategic Goals

There is no single formula for success across all businesses. Practice owners will have different risk profiles and differing views of how to manage prosperity for their practice. As an example, they may focus on increasing independent sales, or meeting UDA targets better. Some may work with a focus on costs, yet, others on quality. Usually its a combination of these and more.

Right now, practice owners are beginning to crystallise their views of what the 2013 changes in dental industry may mean to them. They can then formulate best approaches and these views can be reflected in the direction encapsulated in the Dental BenchmarksTM system.

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Management of NHS Contracts

NHS contracts are becoming trickier to plan and manage. Overproducing UDA’s is unlikely to be funded and underproduction could be equally costly as a lost revenue. Much more so if contract value end up rebased. NHS Work Split
In other words practice managers need to know where they stand so the NHS service is provided on a daily basis. But, factoring in vagaries like:-

  • Holidays and lost months like Christmas (and this year, April), school holidays and other seasonal factors
  • Associate holidays (planned or otherwise)
  • Differing associate production rates. etc

Dental BenchmarksTM takes this into account and projects over the whole year, dynamically changing as production rates go up and down or holidays become known. This results in only minor variations on a day to day basis – but these are calculated to get to the overall target. A huge reduction in the stress burden for associates and managers alike.

If you want to reverse the trend of diminishing value from your NHS contract, talk to us and we’ll show you how to do it.

Encouraging Private Billings

Dental BenchmarksTM has been successfully encouraging a transition of NHS only focus to added value private. Dentists progressionCombined with appropriate customer journeys and coaching private billings have steadily increased – even for performers who previously found it difficult. cBPE uses Dental BenchmarksTM to integrated other customer management methods to boost practice lists and practice values.

Helping Managers Manage

In the midst of daily fire fighting, it is easy for managers to miss the mark every now and then.Doctor Examining Young Girl Sometimes this is habit forming and managers are3 perpetually doing things that “scream” at them, as opposed to what matters.

This can be painful for the practice – as was manifest by a manager who diligently focused on minor operation costs (like fixing the surgery sink) but missed the plot on the UDA targets. Unchecked, the practice overproduced UDA’s – a detrimental cost of £42,500, resulted!

Dental BenchmarksTM makes simple work of focusing on what matters in the practice. Results: a more productive manager, more focussed, less stressed.

Learning & growth in the practice

Dental BenchmarksTM allows processes of daily feedback to mature into constructive learning and growth. Performers, nurses, and managers all, ask more often, the review question: what went right and what didn’t? The movement in the dental business’s capability is positive and sure. Over a period it can be truly spectacular.isleptbetter

Dental BenchmarksTM by virtue of having the information available immediately (plus guidance what is in the right versus what isn’t) encourages regular reviews with an emphasis on direction. As an example one high performing associate’s billings suddenly fell for a few weeks. On closer examination, it panned out that this was because she was inundated with ’emergencies’. Which in turn was down to poor planning. All of which does not escape the fact that revenue was lost and the associates earnings reduced by thousands of pounds. A demotivating experience all round.

Best practice and continuous improvement

Somewhere, someone discovers how to do the job better, easier or faster. This sets the pace for others to follow. Dental BenchmarksTM thus Strategic planning for dentistsprogresses best practices across the practice improving moderate performers. With Dental BenchmarksTM the pace setters are from the entire system anywhere across the country. More than that, the best habits are determined from research and extensive analysis of hundreds of thousands of real data from top performers.


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