Who is Dental BenchmarksTM for?

Practicing dentists, hygienists, practice managers and dental business owners. For single surgery or multiple surgery practices, and multi-site dental businesses.

How does the data get to the system? Do you connect with Kodak or SOE?

Our software is completely stand alone. It does not need a platform, Deliberately so to keep the costs down. Data is put in by nurses (a five minute process at the end of the day). This is deliberate too, because it forces key measures to be looked at, aiding focus.

I’d like to use the system, but my principal does not want to implement it throughout the business. Is this possible?

Yes. It is completely stand alone. Also, the pricing makes it affordable for associates to commission on their own basis.

As a practice owner how can benchmarking help me achieve my strategic goals?

Practice principals can see instantly how the practice and individual associates are performing. Once you are definite about the strategy it can be incorporated into daily tasks, assimilated into manageable, routine work patterns. It’s a great tool for getting everyone involved, better focussed and pulling in the same direction.


Will benchmarking improve the performance of my associates?

Yes. It’s track record says so, and there are many examples of spectacular improvements. Alas, not all do better, but most that receive the proper support from cBPE do. Hence our guarantee (see below). The system encourages each associate to plan and monitor their progress towards achieving their respective targets. They can see how they did ‘yesterday’ and what went right versus wrong – and often, associates review that with their nurses and even the wider team. Asking the right questions is a great start for the team to get progressing.

Will it help reduce stress and strife in my practice?

Very likely. Firstly, cBPE’s Dental BenchmarksTM has the effect of breaking the huge tasks like the entire year’s billings into manageable daily targets. Split by days, performers, sites and types of work (NHS, private, plan, hygiene etc.). This planning process itself gives a fresh perspective that helps everyone involved in a positive way. It gives all the team a better understanding of what has to be done and staff feel in control. A common purpose is easier prevailed, and motivation is improved too.

Then there is the fact that some months like December and April are poor performing months – causing panic and stress to the practice managers and associates alike as pay cheques and cash flows dip. Quite likely, private billings and referrals will slip too. Dental BenchmarksTM has the practical impact of factoring seasonal vagaries and holidays into daily targets that are tuned up or down in small amounts. That way big mountains are climbed in small steps

How will benchmarking help me manage NHS contracts?

In the current environment, both over and under delivery is a problem. NHS providers cannot shut down, and have to spread their allocated UDA’s evenly. Dental BenchmarksTM breaks down critical components of the delivery schedule and calculates where they should be at any point in time for each performer and each practice. cBPE’s experience is that practices either underperform and there is mad rush in March or over perform and the momentum is not easily curtailed. (Two unhappy examples of overproduction that can be quoted cost the principals £42,500 and £80,000 in unpaid work – ouch!)

Can Dental BenchmarksTM help my practice plan better for the new NHS contracts and the post 2012 runup?

Yes. cBPE clients, through our work, are more aware than others of the potential scenarios with the new contracts. Indeed, some principals have already opted to incorporate their outlook into concrete strategies that they expect will put them in an advantageous position in due course. Dental BenchmarksTM allows as an option these strategies to be in-built into the regular performer’s day and eases the practice into a position that is potentially of significant competitive advantage.
Dental BenchmarksTM helps best practice become common practice.

How does it help my independent billings?

Creating independent billings in a wider sense requires method – its not about the odd sporadic sales. Dental BenchmarksTM integrates with other processes like the customer journey. It firstly creates a focus and secondly it creates time for the patient. Then the benchmarking process itself sets a standard – bringing within reach what others are achieving. For example, performers can take a guide from the system of what the optimum amount of appointment time by reference to those that do well here.

Will Dental BenchmarksTM help my practice manager manage the practice?

Yes. Totally. Our experience is that the focus generated and guidance is game changing. It also reduces their stress levels and encourages a planned approach. Long term targets are brought into daily focus and strategies (for growth, for example) are given appropriate prominence.

Does it give a guidance on who is a good dentist and who isn’t?

No. Good clinical dentistry (right quality no shortcuts etc.) is the starting point of all good practices (not the end point). In our experience, dentists and nurses are already good at this – its what made them successful to date. Dental BenchmarksTM is about the team working strategically and happier to be more effective in all the things (including patients/customers, profitability and billings) that surrounds the clinical work.

What are the costs?

System costs are typically in the range £250 – £500 per month depending on the number of users. In addition, coaching services that optimise progress may also be included.

The ‘gold’ package includes monthly coaching, a three month review and analytical report, an annual strategic planning day and additional meetings to discuss outcomes with the performer team. Gold packages start at £500 per month.

What is your Guarantee?

cBPE is very confident that Dental BenchmarksTM will benefit your business. If, on taking up the “gold” level system, your business does not make enough progress within one year to fund the cost of system, we will refund the entire years’ cost of the system.