Business growth

cBPE stimulates growth. We have a track record of adding millions of Pounds of value to businesses we work with.

To cBPE, added value means this: the worth of the business has increased; or the profitability of the business has increased; cash flow has increased; or new ideas and methods are developed implementing which, in the course of time result in improved cash flow and profits; or combinations of the foregoing

To make a statement like “.. a track record of adding value to business… ” work in practice requires a potent mix of business nous, people coaching and implementation skills. That’s where every member of the cBPE team comes with some specific qualifications:

  • Business acumen – the ability to manage and develop business to its full potential;  the ability to think at a strategic level to solve business problems.

  • Industry expertise – cBPE don’t expect to earn without adding value. We can’t add the kind of value we aspire to without having expertise within the sector we work on.

  • Entrepreneur skill – cBPE coaches are entrepreneurs in their own right backed by their own successful track records, respectively. Whether this involves owning and operating multi-million pound businesses or taking a company from £7m to £70m billings, or being a leader within an £500m enterprise, each member of team will have had the benefit of having travelled a road of success already – “been there, done it” as they say.

  • Energy and focus – what differentiates the cBPE team is the continuous zeal to be better than the crowd, coupled with a determination and focus to get the thing done.

  • skills to implement through your existing teams – we call it pragmatic business coaching. It has the benefit of coaching in that your team is long term endowed with an ability to perform at a higher level, but its applied. That is, suggested ways forward are actually implemented.

In a palletable package

All of our work is delivered with an understanding that our audiences may not have a business school understanding of business school jargon. Indeed we are well aware that within a dental or medical practice, many managers will have an ex-nurse or ex-reception background. They have little or no formal business training. Yet, the situation where a manager of this background is relied upon to keep a practice of several hundreds of thousands of pounds billings going is fairly common.

Now add to that scenario the aspiration of growth or seriously intensified competition, and the requirement to up skill practice managers becomes obvious. Indeed within cBPE’s portfolio of practices are managers who have successfully progressed from modest backgrounds to competently managing practices of £1m plus billings.

A secret weapon in making your business work for you.

Consider dentistry. You’re a successful Principal. Now for whatever reason, you are thinking there is more to be had here – less stress, more family time, better bottom line, more control, fewer hours, less strife…..

This is a familiar pathway to cBPE. Yes, we do motivation – you and your staff will feel more energetic and reinvigorated. But, unlike others we also implement. We make your organisation more powerful and better placed for the road ahead – which is undoubtedly going to be rocky, yet full of opportunities for your business. Our huge industry expertise services the few in the know – quietly creating £millions of added value.

A day in the life of…

cBPE impact on clients

Actually, we’d advised and helped negotiate with the PCT, worked on one practice that was underperforming, and three others that were going to over-deliver. We’d given the dentists the benefit of our research and insights on how to do more each hour. Re-aligned demotivated managers, agreed some vision guidelines and had several solution finding meetings with key teams. Of course, we’d also put in some serious hours of coaching people to work more effectively. Accountability was also being introduced. All this, whilst the business still ran as normal. This was a deep level of involvement in quick time – but the situation demanded it. These were the “low lying fruits for us”- a well trodden path.

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