Sector Knowhow

Sectors cBPE work in, we know very well. Like dentistry, hotels and legal.

Our industry knowhow and how make dental businesses grow is second to none. Our track record adding millions of pounds of added value in this sector speaks for itself.

Industry expertise translates into cBPE being effective in keeping our clients and prospective clients ahead of the game in the sectors we work in.

Take dentistry. We’re ahead of the pack in being able to suggest pragmatic solutions to our clients to make the most of the developing business environment.  We have strategies, methods and knowhow that allows us to formulate effective responses to these kind of questions:

  • What makes up a good associate performance? Indeed what makes it better? cBPE’s Dental Benchmarks TM is a strategically motivated web based system that encouraged better teams and billings growth for the practice. It’s not about recording appointments and vacant slots in the dairy, but it is about recording and improving hourly rate.
  • How do you progress dental managers of modest management backgrounds (ex-nurse or reception for example) into being more effective? We do this without resorting to putting them though “management courses” but with endowing them with practical management tools and a better understanding of their own motivations and people skills.

Here are some more questions we’ve put our mind to: What will the new NHS contracts mean? How will private dentistry, or orthodontics or patient numbers at large fare in the new world? Our clients have the benefits of being briefed on whether these change mean opportunity or threat, or both!

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