Dental Benchmarks – free

Ever wondered how effective your associates are? Could you do things differently, in a way that may improve earnings? cBPE have the knowhow and method to improve the entire dental teams effectiveness – directly adding to the business’s profitability. Make us part of your dental business growth plan

cBPE have extensively researched and analysed millions of performers hours of data to come up with sensible conclusion that progress daily billings. What’s more is that this analysis is married up solid strategies of what defines a sucessful dental business in the current business environment. In other words, the daily actions of performers are connected and focussed to work long term for the business.

Its one thing knowing where to go and another how to get there. Bit getting the clinical team to work in ways that fullfils that thinking – that is, implement, is quite another order altogether.

cBPE’s Dental BenchmarksTM is designed to progress on all three fronts – the long term aim of being more profitable and grow, the method of how to bill more and implementing within the daily working environment of the dental surgery.

The impact can be spectacular. One group of sixteen performers, working accross multiple improved their annual take home by £0.75m per year compared to their earnings before being coached.

Now,  cBPE’s Dental BenchmarksTM  is available for you to try in a no obligation 90 day trial….

You can read more about cBPE’s Dental BenchmarksTM here or call 0133 56 55 54 to arrange a no obligation personal presentation.