The skill is in making it happen – making the right things happen. Implementation is king.

Business owners approach us thinking they will end up working harder trying to implement new things or initiatives. Actually it’s usually quite the reverse. cBPE is skilled in choosing strategically important things to work on – things that matter to business success and then developing a capability within your team to deliver on these things. This process ultimately helps owners work less hours but their businesses work harder for them.

Great ideas stay just that unless they are skilfully implemented. Far too many organisations get stifled because they lack the capacity to mobilise change and to implement new and better ways of doing things. Worse still, many managers habitually misdirect change or put their efforts into things that matter little to the organisation.

Two ingredients of skilled implementation are business acumen – you need to make the right commercial choices that deliver more; and sensitive change management – that makes the team move permanently to a better way of doing things swiftly and without casualty! cBPE’s skill in implementing improvements to dental practices is one of our major strengths.

Am I working for the business or is the business working for me?Ploughing a lone furrow?

In our view, too many Principals are working much too hard. Changing this is about addressing how the business can work without being hand fed by the Principal all the time. Growing practices is a skilled business that cBPE have a lot of success in. Practice history is littered with tales of processes that have veered staff to indifferent directions. Aside from choosing processes that add value, it’s also about the timing of their introduction in an evolving organisation. cBPE brings with it a bank of new tools and knowhow for the disposal of the Principal and managers. From reporting methods to systems that cultivate a people culture that is there by design and not default.

Getting it past Linda too!Does every team memebr buy in to the business needs?

When we first started with Principals, we noticed an interesting effect – (much) later christened by the back room boys as “the Linda Effect”. It went like this… “I don’t know if Linda will like that”, followed by the practice experience of Linda telling us “we don’t do it that way!” Actually, the Linda EffectTM is not about Linda, or Cathy or Bob – it’s about how stifled Principals become because they worry about the loud few who they know will not enthusiastically embrace new initiatives or direction. cBPE breaks through the glass ceiling of Linda EffectsTM.