The Centre of Business and Personal Excellence (cBPE)’s purpose is to Stimulate Growth. Our Pragmatic Business CoachingTM programs are about successful implementation of innovative strategies. Hence our track record in adding £millions to client business. Work with us to break the glass ceiling on your vision.

Uniquely we are not a consultancy; our primary driver is to facilitate the desired learning and change that our clients require for their individual businesses. cBPE HQ is based at our purpose built conference facility in Peterborough – although our programs are delivered throughout the UK, with local presence in Peterborough, Newcastle and Truro.

cBPE’s focus niches currently are dentistry, GP, hotels and legal. Why? cBPE works on the basis of industry life cycles – and industries that pass our test of “life cycle stage” plus our ability to add value – is where we focus. We count on learning faster than others – the only way it pays for us is to be ahead of the curve – and the fact that we have added £millions in value to client businesses tells you this is very much our core skill.

Our expertise and experience crosses a broad spectrum of management and organisational development issues including:

Business Strategy
Industry specific expertise in areas such as dentistry
Methods and Systems that aid performer output like our Dental BenchmarksTM
Leadership and Management coaching
Individual and team behaviour dynamics
Business Processes from designing the vision through to exit strategy
Customer Journey
cBPE has a flexible approach to working with clients. That said, we know that one area clients struggle with is in implementing changes that they know will be needed to progress their business.

cBPE’s Business Pragmatic Coaching ProgramsTM are designed to mobilise change. “Change” is word oft used – what we mean by it is “change that achieves a strategic goals for the business.” Our implementation programs challenge, participate, engage, facilitate, and most of all coach to bring about the movement needed to get to your vision.

cBPE’s involvement costs have two components. First there is a (relatively low) charge for for ongoing involvement – a retainer element. We don’t typically count the hours! Secondly, there is a success based fee – we win when you do. This keeps all involved motivated to go the extra mile! Of course, long term relationships do not happen without passing some short term tests. In this spirit we are usually happy to undertake assignments on an “early days involvement basis” at a lower cost. During this period, whilst we work to solve your real issues, its also about getting to know one another better.

Fundamentally, we do not entice you to long term fee structures – cBPE know that in order to get paid, we have to continuously justify the fees by the value added by us. To that extent, our involvement is often self funding.

cBPE’s Team (Read Bios here) When you call on cBPE who can you count on. Our team of coaches have this in common:

They all have a track record of being successful entrepreneurs or high level corporate experience.
They all have top level coaching ability
They are strategic in their thinking
They have industry expertise.
Naturally with cBPE having worked in our specialist areas – and importantly having got of lots of successful outcomes, we pick up a lot of industry knowhow and “trade secrets”. Whether its dentistry, GP, hotels, or other areas we are working on, we know a lot of experts too! So our clients have the benefit of some of the very best thinking in the industry!