cBPE’s Training and Personal Development Portfolio

The Centre of Business and Personal Excellence (cBPE) aims to stimulate growth.  It promotes a number of initiatives to fulfill this including networking, knowledge sharing and coaching. Workshops apart, CBPE’s team of coaches are involved with longer term business individual assignments, and our specialist areas are healthcare business like dentistry and people organisations.

You won’t find any of cBPE’s coaches telling you to work harder or smarter. Chances you are already doing that – rather, it’s the organisation’s effectiveness that counts! cBPE’s Business Pragmatic Coaching ProgramsTM are designed to mobilise change with a strategic vision in mind. The programs challenge, participate, engage, facilitate, and most of all coach to bring about the critical changes that are needed to get to your vision.

cBPE’s Personal Development Initiatives vary from one to one coaching to profile based programs that enable you to reach your best potential.

cBPE’s Entrepreneur Development Initiatives look at personal development in the business context. They are about freeing enterprising leaders to focus on the things they are good at, whilst bringing construction to their desired vision. Introducing more thought through and creative strategies often allows the original vision can expand. Add to that pragmatic and expert implementation methods – and entrepreneurs are now freed to get to their objectives with greater speed and certainty.

Popular courses within our portfolio include:

Better Management for Practice Managers


Personal Planning for Success

For details of these, along with details of other course from our personal development and training portfolio, click here.