cBPE DiSC Workshop For Business Owners and Managers

Do Your Staff Sometimes Drive You Mad?

Your team are brilliant individuals with great talents, but do you really understand them?

 ·         What motivates them?

·         What limitations they secretly possess?

·         Why do they react the way they do?

Do they drive you mad in the practice?Frustrated Lady for DiSC Seminars

·         What makes the receptionist react as she does when you ask her to answer the phone differently?

·         What makes your admin staff talk to customers in such an abrupt manner?

·         Why does your best worker always want so much detail on any changes you try to bring in?

If you had insight into what made these people behave as they do, how powerful could that be in getting you and your team to work together more effectively?

Sometimes team differences are easily accepted and laughed about, and may even complement each other. But too frequently teams find that those differences can also cause confusion, stagnation, or frustration.

If you want to better understand the way your team react, and to be able to manage more easily, then  this jam packed, experience filled workshop may be just be right for you.
In this one day with cBPE you will learn simple, intuitive ways to make lasting improvements in team effectiveness through the DiSC model.  This easy to understand tool gives you a powerful way to manage relations between your staff.

The DiSC behavioural model is the most widely used tool for understanding human behaviour, used throughout the world by well over 20 million people. DiSC is a simple to learn and apply. Through our course people just ‘get it’ and what’s more, it can be implemented almost immediately – unlike other complex models that are difficult to fully understand or remember.

This workshop will show you how to build even more productive relationships with your practice team, as well as your patients, suppliers and other collaborators in your business.  Click here to book your place now.

Who should attend?

This workshop is specifically designed for small business owners and managers, to help you get the best out of your  staff.

We guarantee that you will leave with so many ideas and techniques that you can use immediately to improve the way your practice runs (or your money back), and that the day will change the way you manage your practice.


Delivered by David Preston and Peter Thompson, Certified DiSC Professionals  and Behavioural Coaches focused on improving small business operations.



Our Behavioural Profiling Workshops are held at:

 ·         The Queensgate Hotel and Conference Centre, Peterborough, and 

cBPE headqurters Peterbrorough

·         The Kegworth Hotel and Conference Centre, near East Midlands Airport


For Summer 2015 we have a range of dates for you to choose from so it can fit in with your busy schedule and runs from 9:30am – 4.30pm with lunch and refreshments included.



Only £99 +VAT for this life-changing insight into why people behave in the way that they do (and in different ways to the ways we behave).

 During the workshop you will experience:

  • The power of understanding the four main behavioural styles and how they affect your practice team
  • Your own style and what this means to the people you work with
  • How to quickly identify the core style of your team members
  • The motivations and limitations of each personality type
  • How to adapt your behaviour to get the best out of staff with personality types different to your own
  • How to use this in to have our practice run more effectively

What will you get from this workshop?

You will get your own personalised DiSC Profile Report (worth £199), and a one to one follow up session to help you apply your new knowledge in your own business environment.

You will also receive your own DiSC manual which will be useful for you to refer to in the future whenever someone’s behaviour challenges your diplomatic or relationship skills.