Our Brand of Strategic Consultancy for Dentists

Do you wish dentistry could be more enjoyable again?

Does business get in the way of doing dentistry?

Do you want to grow your profit by 30%?BrochurePicture6

Is your practice running as smoothly as it could?  Do you get the best out of your practice team?

Do you always hit your NHS contract without either under or over-performance issues?

How will the new NHS contracts affect your income?  What can you do now to best position yourself for success under the new NHS contracts?
Our team at cBPE have the experience and track record to help you improve your practice operation.
We have worked with many practices from single dentists to large multi-site operations with up to 10 dentists per site.

BrochurePicture3Practice P/L analysis + onsite report with specific suggestions for your practice as to how to achieve 30% profit growth

Benchmark your practice financials against similar dental practices from our database

Find out if you are paying your dentists competitive UDA rates

What do you pay for lab costs and materials?  How does this compare with other practices?

We can show you how to improve your sales and profits from our vast experience of working with practices

BrochurePicture2The language of workplace behaviour, demonstrated by our experts, will show you how your practice can run more effectively and more efficiently with less stress and your team working better together

Why don’t your practice team members react to your decisions as you expect?

Do your staff continually drive you mad with the way they behave?

Our DiSC experts will show you how to deal with the different personality styles of your staff can help you to run the business better.

How do you manage performance against your NHS Contract?

Do you always hit the end of the year with the right number of UDAs completed without any problems?

Or do you often over-supply and not get paid for the extra work?

Or do you under-supply by more than 98% and get into trouble with your local Clinical Commissioning Group?


Our Benchmark system helps the dentist/nurse to work as a team and ask themselves what has gone well or badly each day, to encourage improved performance.   With our Dental Benchmarks TM Dashboard you always know where you are against your contract both for the practice and for each individual dentist, so if you are not on track you can take action in good time to ensure meeting your contract.


The issues outlined above represent just a few among the many challenges facing Dental Business Owners today. We are not dentists – we are a team of business coaches who can handle Marketing; HR; Finances and the other aspects of running a business they never taught you at Dental School.

If you need help with any of the issues outlined above, or just want to talk to someone who knows what you’re talking about click here to get in touch and book your complementary, confidential chat and we’ll help you change your fortunes by this time next year.