Better Management for Practice Managers

From cBPE’s Personal Development and Training Portfolio

Who would benefit from this course?

Dental Practice Managers, both new and experienced, responsible for the day to day affairs of single or multi-site practices.

Program Contents

What cBPE’s Better Management for Practice Managers program does is:

·         up skills managers to run their practices better and

·         applies business principles in the practice setting to enable business growth and general practice prosperity.

A broad idea of the program contents is given below.

Part 1  You, Your Team and Your Practice – 2 days

  • Understanding people’s behaviour at work
  • Your Personal DiSC Profile – what motivates you, what happens when you are stretched, how someone can press ‘your button’ and influence you extraordinarily
  • How you can foster better team work. What is good teamwork?
  • Why you may be getting into conflict situations, and how you can resolve conflicts and/or be a better team player/leader
  • Participants will be given some (optional) tasks to help with preparing for the rest of the program
  • Part of the preparation will require participants to get input from their practice principal/owner.
  • About your practice and its vision
  • Motivation and motivating others
  • Leadership
  • Listening and communication skills
  • Strategic Planning for practice managers
  • Profit and loss and financial modeling (technique, as opposed to actual practice data) – prior knowledge not assumed.
  • Customers, Patients and consumers. The customer/patient journey
  • Basics of marketing, the web, and customers

Part 2 Getting more focused with your business – 2 days

  • Planning master class
  • Creating a planning template that crosses the t’s and dots the i’s – including
  • Customer/Patient journey
  • Planning for success
  • Managing more effectively to meet targets – processes and measures
  • Doing things that matter in a busy, hectic distracting day


Part 3 The Practice Manager’s Manual for managing their practice – 2 days

Now we’re really getting personal and familiar with you and how you want to manage your business. The end result is that

  • Practice managers will have developed a practice personalised “owner’s manual” that will help them keep their focus in developing their business.
  • Participants will have done a reasonable amount of preparation work before taking on this part of the program


Course Dates Autumn 2017/Spring 2018

Module Dates
1 Thurs 16th November 2017
2 Thurs 14th December 2017
3 Thurs 11th January 2018
4 Thurs 8th February 2018
5 Thurs 8th March 2018
6 Thurs 5th April 2018


For all workshops, full hospitality is provided. This includes as applicable beverages, lunch, and afternoon tea.

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