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... you'd feel more energised and motivated. You might find you are questioned, maybe feel stretched - but, always you will feel yourself more focused and more powerful. You might find that the creative streak and confidence rubs off on you and the people around you, along with the entrepreneurship and success. Most of all, you'll feel that problems are there to be solved, and that you have the capacity to do it. Hopefully, the strategic thinking Hitesh puts on your table will add an extra dimension to how you manage your business and personal growth. Hitesh's big thing is that learning (faster and better than others), and therefore, adapting is the key to success. His work with organisations is very much about developing a capacity for its people to solve problems for themselves and therefore excel. He specialises in business strategy and in helping clients to derive creative solutions to business problems. I have seen him do that with start ups, small and large businesses. Although he owns sizeable businesses himself, his real job (ie his calling) is the work he does with other people's businesses - especially dentists - and the spectacular success he has achieved there speaks itself and for his effectiveness in implementing growth. By Jay Shah, long time associate I am entrepreneur with many businesses under my belt, having started some from scratch and taken others over or disposed of them. As part of the sell out of one, I ended up in a progressive corporate - and so to add to the 20 years of owning, growing and running business, I also have 10 years in corporate senior management. Unusual in someone like me is that I have a very solid academic background - two bachelors graduations plus a business masters degree from one of the top ranked MBA schools (Cranfield). And not least, the formal coaching training! Business is a lifestyle thing with me. I own and am still very motivated to run business with a multi-million pound asset base. Coaching for me, is a very satisfying extension to that lifestyle. Where I am involved, I have a track record of making a real difference to the businesses, their owners and staff. I specialise in business strategy and in deriving (in conjunction with you) creative solutions to business problems. That said, my coaching is pragmatic in that I address implementation and how to embed change. I also specialize in certain sectors like dentistry, medical, legal and similar people businesses. Also, in direct marketing and comparable business where getting and keeping customers is the critical success factor.

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