Peter Thompson


Peter’s Work Style

Peter Thompson (Poor Quality)When it comes to business, Peter oozes confidence. His mix of marketing knowhow, people management and experience of growing business in a big big way is hard to beat. How many people can tell you they were managing a company that grew ten fold – starting from £7m – in only seven years?

Actually, its Peter’s ability to be incisive and pick up the sharpest tools from the box that is impressive on first meetings. We’ve worked long enough to work out that when it comes to difficult problems, let Peter have a go first!

The mix of business acumen and industry expertise is packaged up with coaching knowhow. Add to that, Peter has an impressive list of hard earned qualifications including a PhD.

Comments from Hitesh Kanabar, colleague of Peter.

About Me

At  CBPE we work with dentists to help you overcome the challenges of running a successful business, so that you enjoy going to work every day.

Coming from a successful corporate background I have helped transform many businesses over the last 8 years, covering all aspects of the businesses, from the sales and marketing angle to personnel performance issues, business planning, business procedures and exit strategies for the owner.  I am particularly interested in how to get the best out of your team, and how the different people interact with each other, sometimes in conflict, sometimes in harmony.   I have helped many business owners to address their staff issues so that the business runs much more smoothly and productively.

Many business owners tell me, when they think about it properly, that their business has been sitting in the same place for the last 3 to 4 years, that there is a lot they could do to improve it but nothing ever seems to change.   I help business owners to bring in the changes that make them successful and make their business life enjoyable and relaxing.

With my wide business experience you can depend on me to support you, I have already gone through the majority of problems you experience in your business.

Starting as a scientist, I moved into sales/marketing eventually as Sales Director before becoming Managing Director and growing a company from £7M in sales to £70M over 7 years, with staff numbers growing from 23 to 200.  I have experienced all the problems that go with this growth in staff across different offices, and the difficulties in managing the different personalities involved to get the best out of the whole company.  I am now focused on working with dental practice owners to help their businesses grow and prosper.

I have extensive training from the Coaching Academy in Personal and Corporate Coaching.